Our concept

We want to make your monetization easy.

Here's how.

Contact & chat
First, we'll make first contact with you, preferably through an efficient mode of communication like WhatsApp, and have a chat with you regarding logistics, profit-sharing and the formalities of the partnership.

Next, we will use your input to create designs for the merch and accessory articles of your choice as well as the website.

When designs are in place, you can start marketing your own new line of merch on your social media.

Production & sales
When a sale is made, we will get the merch produced using print on demand and get it shipped to the customer.

Customer service
We also handle all customer service inquiries and issues that might arise, meaning you don't have to lift a finger from when the sale is made to when the customer is satisfied.

... and best of all. Even though we will be handling all the logistics, hiring all the personnel and managing all the complexities, you will still get a majority of the profit.

Sounds good?